Own room in family house

Swaton, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom
Own room in family house
Guests: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Practising: Practising welcome
Smoking: Non-Smoking
Instruments available: Keyboard, Other, Piano, Violin
Barrier free: Not Barrier free
Gender preference: No preference
Pets: Allowed

We are a family of 5 in Swaton, Lincolnshire (in the East of England). I am a teacher and my husband is a musician.
One of our daughters is at university, we have another daughter 17 and a son 15.
We are a musical family and have a piano and guitars in the house. We live in a small village with a bus to the local school and we could provide access to a car.
We have a big garden and lots of animals, a dog, cats, a goat and chickens.
We have 1 room and can put 2 beds in there so this would be suitable for a parent and child or 2 friends. Our dog doesn’t like small children so they would have to be over 10.


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