Room for three weeks 1st April - 25th April

Munich, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany
Guests: 1
Bedrooms: 1
Practising: Practising welcome
Smoking: Non-Smoking
Instruments available: Keyboard
Barrier free: Not Barrier free
Gender preference: No preference
Pets: Not Allowed

Hey guys, I am leaving for concerts etc from around 1st April to 25th of April and I would offer my room for someone in need if it serves someone for three weeks (for free obviously). I am living in a shared flat with another musician (female) and two guys (non musicians), we have an electronic piano and a sound isolated practice-box in the basement. You can not play in the room but you can schedule your practice time with the other musician in the basement. The flat ist quite small but the poeple are very nice company. They speak German, English, Dutch, Polish, a little bit of French and a little bit of Vietnamese.


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