Room in a musical house

Nottingham, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Room in a musical house
Guests: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Practising: Practising welcome
Smoking: Non-Smoking
Instruments available: Keyboard, Other, Piano, Violin
Barrier free: Not Barrier free
Gender preference: No preference
Pets: Cats Only

We have a private bedroom and shared bathrooms, kitchen, music room, sitting room, garden. My partner and I play violin, drumkit, guitars, keyboards and Cris has set up a studio that he taught himself to use in lockdown. We love playing many types of music including “world ” styles, jazz and improvised, though not so much classical. We have a cat and 2 adult sons who mostly live independently from us now. We would be happy to share our music making, instruments and space with you


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